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The Black Hills Mountain Bike Association is a group of mountain bikers of all ages and abilities who encourage you to enjoy biking in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

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Participating in BHMBA rides and races is a fun way to become a better biker, develop your technical skills, and discover new places to ride.

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BHMBA sponsors many local rides and races, including the annual Black Hills Fat Tire Festival. Activities and social events for bikers of all ages and abilities.

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Trail building, stewardship and advocacy is a part of what we do. Help us create and maintain great biking experiences for local and visiting bikers.

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The Black Hills offers some of the nation's best mountain biking, with miles of scenic trails for bikers of all experience levels. BHMBA supports biking tourism in South Dakota.

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Mountain biking is a great way to increase physical fitness and the technical challenges give your brain a workout too. Join BHMBA and let the good times roll!

Trail Maintenance

Successful trail systems involve collaboration between land managers, volunteer groups, and other local stakeholders, such as businesses, private landowners, environmental organizations, and community leaders. Our organization works cooperatively with the US Forest Service; BLM; South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks; Rapid City Parks and Recreation; and private landowners to maintain established trails.

BHMBA’s Adopt-A-Trail program is part of the organization’s commitment to trail maintenance, and allows you to volunteer to provide ongoing work/maintenance on a specific trail or trails. 

It is critical that those involved adhere to the trail maintenance guidelines documented in the Trail Maintenance Agreement below, and also be aware of any other agreements pertaining to specific Black Hills trails.  These agreements dictate what kind of work can be performed.

If you are new to trail work, be sure to come properly dressed with boots, eye protection and gloves.  It’s a good idea to bring water and, when needed, insect repellent and sunscreen.  Tools used include picks, shovels, mowers, weed-eaters, weed sprayers, wheelbarrows, etc.  We have some of these, but at times more are needed.   On group projects, we sometimes take a break for biking, so bring your bike along.

Trail Documents

Forest Service Agreements:
Trail Maintenance Agreement
Buzzards Roost Agreement



Do you have ideas, muscles, and a little community spirit?

Help us build and maintain the trails we all love to ride.

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