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The Black Hills Mountain Bike Association is a group of mountain bikers of all ages and abilities who encourage you to enjoy biking in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

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Participating in BHMBA rides and races is a fun way to become a better biker, develop your technical skills, and discover new places to ride.

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BHMBA sponsors many local rides and races, including the annual Black Hills Fat Tire Festival. Activities and social events for bikers of all ages and abilities.

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Trail building, stewardship and advocacy is a part of what we do. Help us create and maintain great biking experiences for local and visiting bikers.

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The Black Hills offers some of the nation's best mountain biking, with miles of scenic trails for bikers of all experience levels. BHMBA supports biking tourism in South Dakota.

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Mountain biking is a great way to increase physical fitness and the technical challenges give your brain a workout too. Join BHMBA and let the good times roll!

Volunteer Hours

Last 30 Days

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Date Worker Location Type Hours Description
04/15/2014 Brent Kertzman Centenial,Deerfield Trails (FS) Maintaining existing trail 4 Clearing down fallen trees north of Sheridan Lake on T-89.
04/12/2014 Brent Kertzman Other Meeting/Planning 20 Meetings, mapping, office work, emails, phone calls, etc...
04/11/2014 Brent Kertzman Other Meeting/Planning 5 USFS-S212 chain saw certification and training (field portion).
04/06/2014 Brent Kertzman Centenial,Deerfield Trails (FS) Maintaining existing trail 3 Clean up storm debris on Trail 89 north of Sheridan Lake Road.
04/05/2014 Brent Kertzman Other Maintaining existing trail 13 Class room session for S212 chain saw certification at Northern Hills District.
04/03/2014 Brent Kertzman Other Meeting/Planning 3 Create the map for the 2014 BHFTF XC - Rage on the Rim race. Working on BHMBA business.
03/31/2014 Brent Kertzman Other Meeting/Planning 30 Meetings, BHMBA business, etc for the month of March 2014.
03/30/2014 Brent Kertzman Centenial,Deerfield Trails (FS) Meeting/Planning 3 Hasty recon/scouting and mapping a potential reroute on Trail 40 - Deerfield Trail just west of Trail 89 - Centennial Trail.
03/27/2014 Brent Kertzman Other Meeting/Planning 5 Merge, filter for duplicates and update membership data base.



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