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The Black Hills Mountain Bike Association is a group of mountain bikers of all ages and abilities who encourage you to enjoy biking in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

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Participating in BHMBA rides and races is a fun way to become a better biker, develop your technical skills, and discover new places to ride.

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BHMBA sponsors many local rides and races, including the annual Black Hills Fat Tire Festival. Activities and social events for bikers of all ages and abilities.

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Trail building, stewardship and advocacy is a part of what we do. Help us create and maintain great biking experiences for local and visiting bikers.

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The Black Hills offers some of the nation's best mountain biking, with miles of scenic trails for bikers of all experience levels. BHMBA supports biking tourism in South Dakota.

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Mountain biking is a great way to increase physical fitness and the technical challenges give your brain a workout too. Join BHMBA and let the good times roll!

Trail Do's and Don'ts

Please observe the following suggestions when riding in the Black Hills to keep trails in good condition and promote goodwill among all who use them.

  1. Be aware of current conditions in every season and ride with care.  Excessive speed, skidding and hard braking cause erosion, so be in control of your speed and your bike.  AVOID wet trails in the spring melting season.
  2. Make sure Single Track stays single.  Vegetation around trails is sensitive and easy to damage or destroy.  Avoid widening the trail by taking care when passing others.  Stop your bike and “put a foot down” rather than zipping around, or use passing lanes if they are available.  If you take a break, park your bike off the trail so others can pass without leaving the trail.
  3. Be courteous.  Trails are used by a variety of people, can sometimes get crowded, and we all have to share them.  You might encounter hikers, families, dog-walkers, horseback riders, tour groups, racers or recreational cyclists.  You do not have a greater claim to the trail than they do, even if you ride it often.  Please set a good example as a mountain biker:  be friendly and accommodating, and realize that they are trying to enjoy themselves just as you are.
  4. When in doubt, leave it be.
 You’ll encounter all kinds of trails in the Black Hills.  If you come upon a problem or area that you are unable to clean, then leave it alone.  What you think may be an impediment could be a technical obstacle that was intentionally constructed.  If you’d like to help maintain a trail, we’d love to have you join our trail maintenance efforts.  (See our Adopt-a-Trail page.) Please contact us if you have interest in doing this.
  5. Please know and obey the IMBA “Rules of the Trail.”
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Do you have ideas, muscles, and a little community spirit?

Help us build and maintain the trails we all love to ride.

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